Limited Edition Box Sets:

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  • DROK Voltmeter

    Display voltage, current, active power, battery electric energy, & power frequency on one simple interface.

  • 30A/20A Outlet

    Depending on your electrical needs, we offer either the 30-Amp, L6-30 Receptacle or the 20-Amp, 125-Volt Receptacle

  • 30A/20A ROJ Cord

    ROJ cord is an electrical cord with a ripcord inside its jacket, easy to remove the insulation for connection.

  • Jumper Cables

    Solid Single Core 18 AWG Jumper Wire: Tinned copper conductor with a PVC sheath precut to correct length.

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Iceriver Cooling Grills:

The Meter Box On Red Panda Mining:

The Meter Box On Red Fox Crypto:

The Meter Box On ChumpChangeXD:

The Meter Box On The Hobbyist Miner: