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The Meter Box

Screws Included, Meter & Outlet Not Included!

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$42.95 USD
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Accurately measure your power usage in live time using our patent pending meter box with lid. The meter and plug will be sold separately from any purchase. 

Choose between two lid options to fit a "Commercial" 250V L6-30r or a "Home" 125V 5-20r depending on your electrical needs. The DROK Voltmeter is the only meter we recommend based on numerous tests showing accuracy, consistency and fit. Designed to either be permanently mounted using the side or back mounts or used as a mobile measuring tool.

Sold Separately Components & Tools

Disclaimer - I am not an expert nor do I claim to be an expert. This is not electrical advice, please do your own research before continuing. Everything said is from my point of view and for entertainment purposes only, please continue with caution and consult a professional to confirm what will work for your setup and electrical needs. Any damages or injuries are the reasonability of you, the purchaser, The Meter Box and it's associates are released of all liability during use of our product or installation.